Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories

We at Portland Christian are very proud of what our alumni are accomplishing throughout the world (literally)! Feel free to see what they are up to!


Sisay Gillock '14 - Cross Country at Oklahoma Christian University 

Austin Rogers '14 - Playing soccer internationally 

Keegan Rogers, '11 - WWU Goalkeeper

Caleb Nyone, '09 - Won NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship

Taylor Christine Luby, '08 - Teaching Assistant in Austria

Kim Hill, '08 - Team Volleyball USA

Jon Roberts, '94 - New PC Head Football Coach

Bob Marvel, '81 - Founder and President of Beyond Our Borders, ran Comrade Marathon in South Africa

Dr. Lori Salierno, '78 - Founder, CEO of Celebrate Life International

Dr. Michelle Watson, '78 - Author and Founder of The Abba Project

Sue (Novak) Rueb, '68 - Founder and President of B.R.A.I.N. 

Rhoda Hager Reid '60 - Husband Jim Reid recieves French Legion of Honor