Standing on the foundational truths as found in the Statement of Faith of Portland Christian Schools, the Alumni Association exists to carry out the Mission and Purpose of the school and to act as a support organization for this institution. By seeking and reaching out, it is the purpose of the Association to encourage, affirm, love and support Portland Christian Schools Alumni and all those who have been, and are currently associated with the school.



Mrs. Jeanne Lampi has been a part of Portland Christian Schools since 1966 when she came to PC as a teacher. She has served the school in many capacities, including principal of the jr/sr high school. Mrs. Lampi currently serves as Alumni Relations Director, supporting alumni and working to strengthen alumni connections. She would LOVE to hear from PCS alumni. Please contact her at or 503.256.3960 ext. 267.





  1. To sustain a working Portland Christian Schools Alumni Advisory Council which will meet quarterly to advise the Alumni Director and to carry out activities specific to the Alumni Association. 
  2. To support activities which serve to reconnect Alumni with Portland Christian Schools. These activities will include encouraging classes to hold reunions beginning with the 10th year following graduation and every 10th year thereafter, with particular emphasis on the 25th and 50th year reunions. The Alumni Association shall host a reception and honor the Golden 50th Anniversary Graduates at the annual PCH Commencement exercises. 
  3. To maintain an up-to-date database for PCS Alumni and Friends of the school and to make this information available as appropriate. 
  4. To develop timely communication with the Alumni through the PCS website, e-mails, personal contacts, and mailings as deemed appropriate. 
  5. To publish an Alumni and school-wide magazine, THE REALS. The magazine will include news and notes from Alumni, feature stories about Alumni, and campus-specific articles featuring student, parent and teacher activities. The Magazine will be maintained on the school web-site, mailed to all listed in the Alumni data-base, made available in all school offices, and at PCS functions. 
  6. To support an Alumni Office housing PCS historical records, activities of the Alumni Association including the REALS, miscellaneous paraphernalia and to act as a clearinghouse for all Alumni activities and reunions. 
  7. To chronicle the activities of each graduating class, including senior activities, graduation information, honors, marriages/births/deaths/reunions, etc. 
  8. To represent the Alumni Association at each public meeting of the Board of Trustees as well as have a presence at PCS activities as an encouragement to all to embrace the past and celebrate the present while planning for the future of Portland Christian Schools. 
  9. To encourage all Alumni who are parents of school-age children to educate their students at Portland Christian Schools. 
  10. To promote and market Portland Christian Schools to the greater Portland/Vancouver area and to actively promote the school through web sites and in the REALS magazine. 
  11. To develop and encourage a culture of philanthropy among the Alumni and Friends of Portland Christian Schools.



G. David Scott '87
Alumni Parent Liaison:
San Rafael-
Stephanie Boys DeLucia '85
REALS Advisor & Contributor:
Bekki Webb Crawford '99
Recording Secretary:
Wendy Busby Krout '73
Alumni Historian:
Stephanie Boys DeLucia '85
Tara Nasymthe-Downing '89
Michelle Dixon Hauck '87
Treasurer/Financial Consultant:
G. David Scott '87
Alumni Faculty Liaison:
San Rafael-
Daniel Beaumont '71
Karon Trommlitz '57
Michelle Anfuso Osborne '88
Data Base Manager:
Tim Downing '89