Emergency School Closure Procedures

Emergency School Closure Procedures

In the event of inclement weather or other emergency, conditions may necessitate that school be cancelled, opened on a delayed schedule, or dismissed early. This is always a difficult call to make; please understand that we do not make this decision lightly.  The administration balances several factors before making such a decision:

  1. The safety of our students and staff
  2. The wide area from which our families and staff commute, each of which may be experiencing very different weather or other conditions
  3. The difficulty parents are bound to experience due to schedule disruption
  4. The impact cancellation will have on our students’ academics, learning, and activities

If a decision to cancel, delay, or release early is made, it will be communicated to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Listed below are the details of our inclement weather and emergency closure procedures.


If school is cancelled, there will be no before or after school care, no preschool, and no classes at either the Market Street or San Rafael campuses.  All after-school activities will be canceled unless you are notified otherwise.

If school is delayed, opening will be 2 hours later than usual, with the exception that ECE will open at the same time as Elementary
Opening times will be:



Please do not bring children before 10:15

NO before-school care

NO AM preschool



Please do not bring children before 10:15

NO before-school care

Jr./Sr. HS 10:15 Please plan for student to arrive on campus no earlier than 10:00

If school is dismissed early, ECE and Elementary students may be released only to their parent / guardian / authorized adult (PGAA). The PGAA should first check in at the school office, then may proceed to the student’s classroom.  The classroom teacher is responsible to verify that the person picking up the student is authorized to do so.  Jr./Sr. HS students will be permitted to leave the school only after the school office receives word from the parent / guardian that their student may be released. Students who drive to school may NOT take another student with them unless this student is a regular car-pool rider or a sibling AND all parents / guardians concerned have called and spoken with school personnel. After calls to the school have been received, students must sign out with a school official's initial beside the student’s signature. 

At both campuses, employees are responsible to stay at school and remain available to supervise students until ALL students have safely left school. 


Families will be notified of cancellation, delayed opening, or early dismissal via our School Messenger system, which may include a telephone call, text message, and/or email.  For cancellation and delayed opening, the notice will be sent out by 6:00 am on the day in question. For early dismissal, the notice will be sent out as soon as possible after the decision to dismiss has been made.  The means of notification and the number / email address at which you will receive notice are those you have already provided to the school.  If you would like to verify or change your notification information, please contact your campus office. 

Notification will also be available to you at:

Absence Policy

Our greatest concern is for the safety of our students.  To that end, if school is open but you do not feel it is safe for your student to attend due to weather conditions or other emergency, please notify the school by phone or email and your student’s absence will be excused. 

If your student will be absent, please let us know by the start of school, so we can be assured that your student is safe.  If your child is absent and we have not heard from you, you will receive a call from us to let you know that your child is not at school.

If you have any questions, please contact your principal:

ECE/Elementary: Rhonda Rogers Jr./Sr. HS: Sherri James
rhonda.rogers@pcschools.org sherri.james@pcschools.org
503.256.5455 503.256.3960


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