High School

Portland Christian is a college preparatory school. Our goal is to provide:

Academic rigor that prepares your child for college

Character development that equips your child to overcome life's challenges

Community involvement that instills in your child a personal sense of mission

Biblical values that strengthen your child's faith

A well-rounded experience that provides your child with crucial skills for life.  

We understand the requirements that colleges and universities have for entry and we strive to go above and beyond these requirements. In addition to the core classes necessary to succeed in college, our curriculum includes honors and AP courses.

*please see the Parent/Student Handbook for detailed requirements and descriptions

We prepare our students to succeed both academically and spiritually. When students graduate from Portland Christian, they have a firm grasp of the academic subjects they need for college as well as the spiritual concepts upon which all knowledge is founded. Students are able to continue applying their Christian faith to "real life," as they have done throughout their time at PCS. Most graduates continue the traditions of ministry and community service they began in high school.

Our Department of Academic Advising and Counseling is a ready and willing resource for our students and offers assistance in the areas of academics and learning, personal issues, and college preparation. 


Jr./Sr. HS Class Schedule

Class begins: 8:05 a.m.
Class ends: 3:05 p.m.

For a detailed bell schedule, please see your Parent/Student Handbook.

If your student will be late or absent, please call 503.256.3960 x263 or email melanie.zallee@pcschools.org