International Students


The International Student Program (ISP) at Portland Christian Schools began in 1986. The program has developed over the years as a leading international student program among national high schools. The program places a strong emphasis on English as a second language, academics, college preparedness, and the transition of students from ESL courses to mainstream courses. International students' living accommodations are met with a host family program, comprised of a diverse group of Christian families.

Portland Christian’s ISP program encourages each student to gain a command of the basic skills of English reading, writing and discourse, and mathematics. International students will be exposed to a clear teaching of the school’s Statement of Faith within the school’s program, and are expected to comply with the behavior standards listed in the Parent -Student Handbooks and Student Agreements. Students should desire to learn how to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in relationship with others. 

PCS accepts international students within a range of English-speaking proficiencies. Acceptance is based upon enrollment availability, academic history, recommendations, maturity, and parental support. To learn more about joining the PCS International Students Program and begin an application, go to the ISP Application Process page.


The International Student Program/ESL program offers six levels of ESL English. Other ESL courses offered include subjects such as history and Bible. International students must take a TOEFL Prep course and a study skills course with available tutoring. Students achieving mainstream status are required to take an English adjunct class for support. A TOEFL score of 73 ibt must be obtained to be considered for mainstream status. One year experience students can take our ESL courses with the appropriate support to help them progress well in their English studies.


Our program offers two different diplomas, the Jeanne Lampi Scholar diploma for students wishing to attend a high tier American University, and a standard diploma for those wishing to obtain an American high school diploma. Both diplomas are accepted by American colleges and universities for admissions purposes.


Advanced placement (AP) classes are offered to qualifying students.


Portland Christian School invites applicants from all levels of English and all nationalities to study at our school. Those who display a history of strong academics will be granted priority admission.


Each student is required to live with a local family. International students who are not living with their biological families are placed with Christian host families who are screened and approved by the school. Each adult in the household has had a criminal background check for students' safety. Students are expected to engage in family life style, attend church regularly, and pay monthly host family compensation (this includes food, lodging, and transportation to and from school).


In addition to rigorous academic courses, students also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities. We offer band/pep band, choir/ensemble, drama, art club, international club, and National Honor Society. For fall athletics, we offer boys' football, girl's volleyball, cross country, and  boys' and girls' soccer. Winter athletics include boys' and girls' basketball and ski club. Spring athletics include boys baseball and track & field.

Applicants who are newly enrolling but not participants in a CSIET approved program may not be able to participate in extracurricular sports until they have been at Portland Christian High School for twelve months.