Spiritual Life

An important component of each PCS student's education and spiritual growth is community service.
Every year, students are required to complete 10 hours of community service (20 hours if the student is a National Honor Society Member) as a graduation requirement. 
Community Service is defined as any volunteer activity that benefits the community, i.e. the student receives no pay or other credit for work done. This can include volunteer work at church, Portland Christian Schools, the zoo, National parks, hospitals, non-profit organizations, summer camps, mission trips, etc.
Students must fill out a Community Service Record Form to recieve credit for their service. Forms are due by the end of May, graded by the Bible department, and are a significant portion of each year's Bible grade. 

  Students participate in community service projects during 2016 "Serve Day"


Community Service  


     Community Service 



Above is a list of organizations where students have previously served. The organizations do not necessarily reflect the mission or values of PCS.